Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm wondering what should i blog about. After blogging for some time, i'm wondering what should i blog. The usual complaining about something, being in an event, how's my day, seems to have done before just that the topics are different. Any ideas what should i blog about?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm rotting at home again. Happens every semester break. It's laptop, TV, eat, sleep for the past 3 days. Finish watching Prison Season 4 in 3 days-unable to break my friend's record of watching 4 seasons of Prison Break in 6 days. And dang, i even dream about Prison Break when i'm having my naps and sleeps....GAH!!!!
At least this time it's 2 weeks of semester break, much much better compared to the 2 months i had to endured last year. Wonders how's my results and about next semester. Things seem harder now and I wonder if i could cope and meet my goals. Anyway, it's 9am and i'm thinking i'm gonna go back to sleep due to the 2 hours un-sleep time i had last midnight. nitez ppl!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I just realized that i'm being too overconfident in my studies. Screwed up my test 1 and i just screwed up my test 2-both with really careless mistake. How am I to forgive myself but to study harder for the finals now if I'm too score what I want.....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I was sms-ing with my dad the other day:

me: papa, time to top up back account
dad: chow lar ler (in other words, nah.....)
me: this friday you come fetch me, you see me begging at the street
dad: good experience
me: =.= or you see my face in the newspaper headlines tomorrow for robbing bank

*dad rush off to the back to top up my account*

P.S: last line was just exaggerating.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Something Funny

Something funny happened last semester and I forgot to blog about it. It happened this way;
2 of my friends and I went to check on a friend, who was absent from class that day. He's always absent. You can wake him up(after countless times knocking/banging on the door) and he'll say:
"you guys go first"
and you won't see him in class later. So we check on him and after that headed back to our rooms. Halfway through, I passed by one of the 2 friends room and playfully, I just push my key into his lock and start turning away for fun. He soon arrived and I gave it one final anti-clockwise turn. And then Horror oh Horror! I was looking at half my key. We stared at each other. Half of the key was inside and I was holding the other half.....
The key
The halves key
we started attempting to pull it out. One of them(the occupant of the room) was very focused on pulling it out when suddenly the next thing you know, he was clutching one of his fingers. It was bleeding. It's rude but we couldn't help laughing at him :P Finally he pulled the key out using a pair of scissors.

Later in the evening, I went to duplicate another key since that was my spare key. Did it, return back to my room, changed the key and went to the toilet locking my room behind me. I finished after relieving myself and then OMIGOSH!!!!! I keep turning and turning but the lock just didn't open. My friends came to try it but to no avail. Finally had to call the guard to come and unlock the door.
comparison between the proper and the failed key
Hopefully, it wouldn't happen again. Though it's fun :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lab Session

My friends and I had a whooping time for the Electronics Lab session. Talk about electronics-capacitors, diodes, transformers.......the lecturer herself admits that she has never seen a class that did so many things like we did. For instance:

-The circuit short-circuit for countless times. You could hear the switch *tak* * tak* *tak* (switching off itself automatically) the whole time.

-The lecturer herself got shocked by electric when attempting to turn on the power supply(classic)
how it happened:
the readings obtained practically differs from theoretically. So she did some checks and after that asked me to plug it back. Unfortunately, the circuit was quite confusing. So.....i plug wrongly. And when she hit the switch on button, *zapppp*
"owh! did you hear that? i can feel the electric!"
later on,
"wah, half my head feels zapped!"
sorry lecturer, my bad.......

-One of the groups made fireworks out of a capacitor
How it happened:
Mr Kit and Mr Jin are in the same group. They connected everything and Mr Kit hit the 'on' switch.
Heads turned and mouths opened. A cloud of white smoke could be seen hovering above their circuit before disappearing. Mr Jin could be seen at the far side of the room on top of a table. From his table to the other end took less than 1 second.
lecturer: "boy, you better keep it already. I don't want you to do it anymore."

I wonder what will happen to the next lab class. Would something like:
Lecturer: "you must all wear rubber gloves, boots, and apron to protect yourself"
I wonder.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


There goes my CGPA score of 4.0........... Just can't bear the fact that I dropped CGPA points, partly due to my fault and the lecturer's FAULT TOO!!! Tell me what you think about this:

First day of class:
Lecturer: Ok, we will emphasize more on iteration, if's, functions. As for Classes and Structure, it won't be coming out in your final exam.

Throughout the semester:
Lecturer: Focus more on those that are coming out. Classes and Structure not coming out.

Lecture on Class and Structure:
Lecturer: I'm just going through it quickly since it's not coming out.

Last few lectures:
Lecturer: Classes and Structure won't be coming out in final exam.

Final exam:
me: *flips through exam paper.* OMiGosH! Classes and Structure came out! no idea how to do......

I feel cheated. What the heck for the lecturer go waste his breath saying it won't come out for the whole semester but in fact coming out. He sets the paper like a few weeks before finals and he goes on proclaiming that it won't be coming out. #&%*!!!!!!!!

P.S: Classes and structure are topics in C++ programming. And yea, I got A- for C++. Dang it.